My new babies arrived

Today is the happiest day of my life, why? Since my shoes arrived!They arrived from UK.
I was shocked because my mom said they had come a little over two weeks but they are here, are here, besides me.I'm sooooo happy.My mother made me a very happy surprise.So I can tell you :I have proved and  they are gorgeous.I walk around in my room and they are pretty comfortable ,and easy to walk.I'm really happy cause I chose these pair of clogs.Since the summer I wanted a pair of clogs, but I did not know what particular model for what the season, blah-blah-blah and the clogs was in my wish list ,and now I have them and I can enjoy them.These was what I want,these made my day. I can tell you one thing: there are no clogs in Chisinau.So you will see more outfit's with them.Tell me what you think about them?Do you like clogs,or it's on your wish list?
With love,Vlada.


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