Attention please !?!

I would like to ask just one thing, but this is very important.First, I want to thank you for visiting my blog and follow me! Thank you very much.So, go to the subject. In these day's I visit a few fashion blogs,and  I saw cause the fashion bloggers  post at the end of the post , posted exactly what they wear and the  brands too.So my question is: do you think I need to do this?Please tell me in the comment ,and I promise that I will ever tell  what exactly I'm wearing,and the brands too .So please,my dear friends,and followers ,please let me now ) Tnx you again for follow me and visit my blog.It means a lot! Kisses,Vlada!


  1. i think you should post the brands, because sometimes the people like the clothes you are wearing, so they can Know where you bought it , but well, is my opinion XD. Kisses :)

  2. tnx you Carla, I promise that will post them ))


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