My fav song at the moment!

About every month I write about my favorite song at the moment,and share with you my favorite music.Why?First ,for me music is part of my life. Every time I listen  music from my computer or from my MP4.Sometimes if I feel comfortable and I do not care what anybody says, can even sing out loud anywhere, crazy huh?And wherever I can even dance.Many people say I sing amazing,and they wondering why I never released in music industries(that's a good question,eve for me).Of course I want it!But in my country is not possible to launch yourself into the world of music. Anyway I think all the posts that I make the music will be useful to you!This is the only way ,I can express my feelings in music, and everything!So this month I heard more, the song below.You know the singer from "Gossip Girl "  ,and is my favorite of all actors from "gossip girl"!The song is called Your Love's A Drug.I love it, really I think I heard the song in gossip girl,I dont now ,maybe I'm wrong !I think her voice is beautiful,pure and I love it! Hope you like the song!


  1. I love Leighton, and she's quite talented a singer too!!!


  2. Nice post!
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