This will be my second post for today :D.I just forgot to tell you cause I will have another post today :D,but the most important thing that I forgot to tell you again is happy November (over a month and a half, comes Christmas,yea.I cant wait :D) So let's continue.!

So i found an amazing fashion site called .So first I looked at the country section,and wasn't Moldova in list (but now it is :D ,because I registered and post some outfit's).I really like it,and I hope have fun there,to meet some new people,be friend's,cause this is the only thing that i want ,to be friends with more fashion blogger in the world.You can find my account here ,and hope my looks will inspire you. See you there! 


Thank`s for stopping by and for your comments,I love them all! I`ll promise to visit you as soon as I can =*