School uniform

Today was a funny and interesting day,just because I spend the whole time with my friend's,taking photos of us,and talking about so many thing's(in photo's are not all my friend's :D).I like these day's spend with my friend's,I think we all love these day's ,hehe.Also I'm wearing my school uniform (blue and white),and also you here can see my new hair cute (better),, which I love it so much! .I  hope you will like the photo's like I do ,and see you tomorrow.
Bey !

From the left:Stella,Mariana,Maria,me and Lilly :)

So in love with this picture!

From the left:Me,Lilly,Stella,Eugenia,Mariana,Maria and Nicoleta.

And for the end of today's post,I posted a picture with me ,(setting in my room,and playing with my camera),and I think it's pretty )I also post this picture on my facebook page


School uniform
Gap shirt
AiciBerllucci boots 


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  1. Awww, your pictures are so lovely! And you and your friends look so cute in your school uniform, it's just as if you stepped out of Gossip Girl!! :)



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