Today I was shopping with my dear mom,and I buy not so many clothes ,because i was shopping just what I needed.So i was searching for a faux fur like a bolero style,and I finally find it .The colors are cute ,brown,black and purple,I think it's very pretty and the reason why I buy a faux fur it's because I don't have it in my closet(can you imagine that ?) but right now it's fine because I got one,and I was telling my mom cause I will buy another one ,and her first question was "Why?" :D.I kinda like the fur ( right now I don't have the possibility to buy a real fur one,so it's OK for me to got one faux fur ) it's so soft and pretty,and why we can have it in our closet, right? :D. 

Another thing that I was searching was a black jacket ,I find it on XXI ,but i wanted a simple but I founded a Velvet one, I think the style of the jacket resembles to the military style,it's pretty and I'm happy cause I have it!

OMG...Need to tell you this.... My hat,gloves and the scarf are finally home! Yay! They are so cute and I kinda like how looks on me :D 



  1. Why would you ever buy real fur? Such a bad idea,kind of cruel. The hat, gloves and scarf are cute, just don't wear them all together! Jackets are cute too. Check out the faux fur gilet I bought a few posts ago on my blog, it's so great for winter.


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