♥Christmas ♥

Hello my lovely friend's!Sorry for my absence.I was busy with the school.For begin ,I would like to thank all those who visit my blog and follow me, and post comments and read my blog!You are such a sweet persons and thank you all!So this post is dedicated to the big celebration will come soon! Christmas!I'm really obsessed with all the Christmas decorations,trees,Christmas spirit and the snow!Right now it's snowing and it's so beautiful!It seems like I'm in heaven, so much withe .. so much snow! I hope that it will keep longer!Now on TV is distributed more commercial with Santa Claus,and make me love more Christmas!I just love December!Who does not love December?I wanted to decorate the tree today, but unfortunately it has not received! Possibly tomorrow!I'm so happy,I just can't wait !I decided to make a little drawing (on my computer). I do not know if I can say drawing, but it's Christmas style. I love it!I hope you enjoy my blog and keep in the spirit of Christmas!I will put the picture up so that everyone can see!Hope you have a happy Christmas with you're family !

P.S What you'll do for Christmas this year?


  1. I love i love Christmas....
    very nice ur blog...
    i follow!!!!!!!!!

  2. 1st of all, I love xmas!!
    2nd of all, I love ur style, you look so stunning with your red lips by the way;)
    And last but not least , Im ur newest follower and I voted you at chicisimo;)
    Pls visit me and let me know what u think and if u feel like follow me back that would be nice=)

  3. You are such a sweetheart :)
    Must admit that I love Christmas too -- defnintely not related to Scrooge at the beginning of Charles Dickens story!

    Thanks for entering my GIVEAWAY! :)


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