Leather Shorts

Leather shorts 1

Hello wonderful people!How was you're Christmas day ?Mine was absolutely magical!Well...in today's post I want to share some stuffs that I found in my mother's closet and when I was shopping!Some days ago I found    
in Jennyfer store,a pair of leather shorts,(actually I was looking for a pair of leather pants),but I bought the leather shorts,because has remained a pair and just my size!And of course I bought something that I wanted for so time ago!I wanted to have in my closet a corset and I found on Jennyfer!It's absolutely gorgeous!I cant wait to wear it!In my mothers closet I found a withe shirt and a red jacket! From the beginning I wanted to combine the corset with the shorts, but then I change my minds! I was thinking ,if I will combine the shorts with a withe vintage shirt it will be more feminine and classic,and then I added my clogs and a red touch,which is the red Jacket and red lips! I think I did a great job with Outfit,I really cant wait to wear this outfit on the streets,and I hope you will like it!If you have an tumblr account,you definitely need to follow me there :D(I'm kidding).I just want to say cause I have an tumblr site for so long time ago ,and I just add there picture's that Inspire me(fashion,life,design,dog's,Christmas,Gossip Girl,etc.) so if you like the photo's,please follow me!I think that's all for today! Have a nice Holidays!
Leather shorts 2

Leather shorts 3

Leather shorts 4

Leather shorts 5


  1. You look amazing in red! And those leather shorts are so cute!



  2. following your blog! I like it!

  3. tnx you so much girls! ^_^ Love you all! Have a nice holidays

  4. You look wonderful in those beautiful leather shorts. Very attractive.


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