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 Today I decided to create my own  tumblr.com and in few minutes I creat it,and it's here!This is gonna be a short information for you! Please follow me on tumblr and here if you like it :) and check on the sidebar my style :) On ChicTopia ! See you later Bay!
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On my way right now!

Hello,hello fashion world!
I'm really super duper happy,because with a few minutes ago I made an online purchase! I'm happy and I will take this thing's in 2-3 weeks! May I expected! 
I will show you the picture's with the thing's that I chose!
Hope you  like them!Because for shure I'm inlove with them!

Purple Blouse and shorts

What I'm wearing:

Hello to all my readers! Here I am with a new outfit.As you can see it's simple but comfortable.Just made 2 photos because my camera was dying.Hope you like it !
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Floral print on me

Hello to all!How are you today?I'm hope you are fine.Today I was with my little sister,at the library .For the first time she was In a library :D .I ordered a book "Gucci Gucci Coo"-Sue Margolis, need to try it ,hope it's interesting! Well,I have some photos,outfit photos,and my sister having fun.Hope you like them!
xoxoVlada :)

Summer in boots

Today I meet my 2 close friends Cristina and Stella. It was an amazing day because finally Cristina came in Chisinau and we had possibility to have fun.We had so much fun, we love each other,hehe. We went to Andy's Pizza, we ate pizza "Neapolitana", the best pizza in Chisinau. We drank Coca-Cola, we talked about everything and we took pictures.Hope you like it!
So right now I have to go J see you tomorrow with a new post and a new look!    

Before Film

As I promised,here are the photos from the cinema(I mean the outfit photos).Sorry for these 3 photos,I wasn`t able to take more,because the movie begins and already was dark outside.Hope you like it.With Love,Vlada!


Miuccia Prada is a true trend visionary and her second line Miu Miu has always been the go-to for an instant hit of what's hot. Since its launch in 1992, Miu Miu's sophisticated-eclectic design mix has earned the label a host of devotees such as Nicole Kidman and Chloƫ Sevigny. Classic but super cool, a Miu Miu look will take you from the most uptown eaterie to the hippest nightspot. Quirky meets sophisticated this season with a mix of playful pantsuits adorned in animal prints, crystal and sequin embellished tops and dresses, studded gladiator sandals and luxurious leather bags.

Twilight Saga Eclipse!

Today I was with my friend (her name is Stella) on the cinema to watch the new mowie Twilight Saga Eclipse! Actually I'm not a Twilight fan,but I really like it,it`s pretty good.We buy some goodies like popcorn,coca-cola and chocolates. I wanted to come with us and Cristina,but she could not come with us.I was sad,but now I have a very good news that raised my mood. Tomorrow night, Cristina comes in Chisinau ! I am very happy because now we can spend more time togheter ! Right now i have to go to sleep,but tomorrow I will post the picture's from the cinema! Good Night to all,sweet dreams my dears!

My little sister

Hey to all my visitors!
I really want to thank you for visiting my blog.It means a lot for me!
My day?Nothing special,just sitting in my room,and watch some movies,or drinking coca-cola,cause today it's a hot day,a really really hot day.In these hot days(like today:D) ,here in Moldova,you certainly need to drink something refreshing.
Today I made some pictures.The best part is that my sister wanted to do togheter pictures,so you can see her.Hope you like the photos.Nothing special ,just simple photos(haha,my sister thinks she is cool,haha).Enjoy!