Tribute for Michael Jackson

Yesterday was a very important day for me and my friends.Was 29.08.2010 -Michael Jackson's birthday ! My idol !Michael was(and it is) the king of pop!I am very sorry that after his death I began to appreciate his music and his style,etc....Anyway now I know that Michael is and will remain a legend !
I have a special tribute for Michael .Hope you will like it,and you will see how much I love him!
Michael you will be always in my heart!

New shoes : Sabo style

Hello to all!Yesterday I wanted to post this, but I could not because I had some problems with my internet!Yesterday it rained and was cold,but then the sun came out and we managed to get some pictures.I have a new outfit.I want to thank my mom for everything she does for me.I love her enormously!Other day I went shopping with my mother and my sister.We buy some little things.I saw this pair of sandals Sabo style, and I liked it, it was love at first sight :D and my mom bought them for me.I also bought the jeans that I searched for a long time and I finally found them on sales! Back to this pair of Sabo, they are very comfortable, heel height is 12 cm,they are beautiful and fit very well with this outfit.
Do you like it?

The last week of the summer !

Hello fashion world.How are you today?Hope You are fine!
.I'm here with another outfit .It’s simple and very cute. I’m crazy about dresses ,and I love to wear them in the summer, in the hot time! Here I was wearing a pretty dress ,another flower(actually has and butterfly's) print dress that it’s very comfortable.I bouth this dress at Korean shopping online catalogue ,and I wear it on my father birthday .That was 19.08.2010 !Hope you like it !P.S : Do you imagine, in one week I need to go to school .OMG!!!! ??!!!I’m not very happy but I need it !I will miss summer.
With love,Vlada.

Vintage flower print dress

Hello,Hello !!
I'm here with another outfit !
This outfit that I love it and I wear it ,when I was with my friend Stella on the cinema.We watch "Salt" with the best actress in the world Angelina Jolie ,and I was wearing flower print dress. I got it from a vintage store.It’s beautiful and it’s seems like  the print is painted ,it’s just really nice !I wear this dress with a beautiful handmade belt and with a handmade bracelet .
I think this outfit it’s comfortable and it’s perfect for a hot day.
Enjoy the post and the photos ,hope you like them!

Military style jumpsuit

Hello fashion world!
I’m happy cause I write this post , finally today I got a new outfit to show you. 
This outfit I wear when I was with my family to visit my grandmother ,and I was wearing a Military style jumpsuit and a pair of a green gladiators and a pair of aviator mirror sunglasses like a Michael Jackson`s style.A lot of you guys don’t now how much I LOVE Michael Jackson. I'm his Fan.So you know something about me.
I love very much to read different magazines and I saw cause the military style is very In right now, and I buy this jumpsuit that I wear in these pictures .It’s comfortable and cute ,the design it’s nice for summer.You need to try a jumpsuit like this one.Hope you like the photos.See you later.With Love,Vlada.

The Barbie Brunette

Just some pictures!

I'm finally here

This is Cristina,She don't like to be on the camera

Hello Blogger World!I'm finally here ,write this post for you guys cause I now you read my blog! :D
How are you today? I hope you are fine :)So I think your'e first question is : Where have You been?
So I been in the vacation! With Cristina,my friend (another Cristina,I now We have a lot of Cristina`s :D ) and we have fun ,we take a lot of pics ,I will show you ,but right now i just want to tell you :I received the package with dresses than expected about two weeks ago, but I did not show them to you because my computer was not working and I was kind of important stuff to do.Right now will be the pictures but i need to stop here cause i need to go ,bey guys See you later!
P.S Sorry for English ,I now it's not very good but I will try to be better !A lot of Kisses for you !