29.09 Outfit

Todays was my sister birthday and I take a lot of the picture's,but i will show you in another post )
I was wearing an pair of hells and my fav jeans (Denim & Co ),my fav bag (Louis Vuitton)  ,I hope you like it! 

Just look in my eyes

Many people asked me what color are my eyes?I told them, but they do not believe me! I have a picture where you can see exactly what color are my eyes!When I was 7-10 years,  my eyes was a beautiful green color,but with the time has changed. I do not know if they are beautiful or not,some people say they are beautiful, others say no!But I say I do not know!Anyway I hope you enjoy the picture!


Shoes,shoes and more shoes

These are fabulous!And are available in 2 colors.

 They are very beautiful, but are inexpensive, at about 55 pounds(1320 lei (MD))

 they are pretty much what I want)

 They reminds me of Zara`s model 

 My moms love them ,seems to be something original.

 I want the same style, but with an leopard print.  

For me ,the main accessory of my life is the shoes.I think it looks funny, but the first thing I see on the people  is shoes.Just so I know what kind of man is, and what style it has or not : D. I am obsessed with shoes.I found some very beautiful models of shoes and I want to share with you!If I had a lot of money of course I will buy them all!:D 
Tell me please what style of the shoes you like?

School and classes

Here I am barely starting to do the Romanian language!That was at around 6! 
 Here I finished my homework Romanian, there's already 7 pm


All week I have lessons and classes and lessons!It's so tiring but I need to prepare for exams. This year I have my first exam, and am very nervous and excited.I know that I am able to give them.Today I have no outfit, today is nothing about fashion, but tomorrow will be.Tomorrow is a special day for my sister. It's her birthday.She is 5 years old so Happy Birthday Iustina.Below are some pictures about the school and others are with Iustina.I'm not going to school tomorrow, I will relax at my sisters party: D OMG. . What a hell I'm saying here? "Sisters Party" with her little friends? :D Not!
However they do on the MacDonalds, and I'll enjoy eating hamburgers,and take pictures!This will be tomorrow, then back to school!OMG
I look forward to my clogs!I can not impatience!I want it!
ok, now I have to go to eat, and watch TV. Tomorrow morning I have to get up very early because I go to the doctor (for school)!
This is my desk, where I do homework, and I think that will give your account after the keyboard is there!