Halloween Party

Hello fashion world!
First  : Happy Halloween to all of you!
So today was a mini party for Halloween .Was my friend Irina(angel),and my little sister(Princess) and me (of course,minnie mouse).We take picture's,that I love them so much.In some picture's  you will see cause I look like a demon,(but actually my  costume was Minnie Mouse) :D.Anyways was so cool! So just look at the picture's and you will see! 

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween guys! 
I'm so happy cause tomorrow will be Halloween ,and will be so much fun! I tell you cause this year I will be Minnie Mouse,you will see the picture's that I will post tomorrow,my sister will be Princess(yes she change her minds),so anyways I help that this year will be with fun and amazing! ) so Happy Halloween Day! See you tomorrow on twitter and also here!
 Kisses & Hugs! 

This is called:nothing to do :D

 This is me ,and this is called :nothing to do :D !

These are so sweet! I want this with the rose!
 This photo is from magazine (Glamour),and I saw this amazing pants!And I want them! They are great,they are amazing! And I need them! 

 This is so cute!Want this car :D 
I want these dresses! They are so beautiful! 

Burberry Prorsum SS 2011

I'm so in love with this collection.The jacket's are amazing,I would wear them definitely! The colors are pretty.Persist black,golden,metallic,grey colors! In short : Love everything!

Roberto Cavalli s/s 2011

What can I tell about this Roberto Cavalli s/s 2011 collection,just : beautiful! I like it!The colors are so pretty,and naturally! But I if I will have a piece of this collection definitely I will be happy,but I will not wear them(I will keep in my closet),just because i think I couldn't  wear this on the street,the people will tell me cause I'm crazy,but  if I'm thinking more: I will wear this pink dress,(which is gorgeous) and probably i will wear it  when i will have a photo shoot,or at the party(maybe).

Balmain s/s 2011

When I saw this Balmain s/s 2011 collection I was in love it ! I love the style,the colors,denim and metallic stand out ,the biker jackets are amazing ! I love every piece in this collection!


All the photo's are from fashion bloggers,fashion sites,google,etc..

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Hello my dear followers,and my dear visitors! As you now I have  twitter,and I love so so much tweeting :D like every fashion blogger,makeup guru,celebrities,etc...I want to thank you so so much for follow me on twitter,here,chicisimo,chictopia,lookville.Tnx you so much! I truly appreciate what you do for me,and means a lot!p.s if you have some question's,about my blog,about my life,about everything just ask me.
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Having fun after shcool

Just having fun after shcool,with my beautiful girls!Enjoy the post.Hope you like it.With Love,Vlada.