bey bey 2010..welcome 2011

Over several hours, will begin a new day of new year.Some will start a new life in new style, others will enjoy the best of days ahead.This is the last post from this year, 2010.To start this post, I would like to thank everyone who supports me in what I do,and thank you for being with me!I look forward to coming New Year -2011.2010 was full of joy, sadness, full of new and interesting things.Like every year, I along with my mother prepare food for New Year, so is our tradition.Then, arrange food on the table, and we welcome a new year coming, and we hall the old well. I want to congratulate everyone and wish you the best in the next year!Happy New year!

You were with me the whole eight months, and thank you so much for this!In this last post from this year, I'll post my favorite pictures. In these pictures,you will see people who are precious to me, my friends and my family.I thank God that they are always near me and I hope to be!

So enjoy the picture's and Happy New year !

Leather Shorts

Leather shorts 1

Hello wonderful people!How was you're Christmas day ?Mine was absolutely magical! today's post I want to share some stuffs that I found in my mother's closet and when I was shopping!Some days ago I found    
in Jennyfer store,a pair of leather shorts,(actually I was looking for a pair of leather pants),but I bought the leather shorts,because has remained a pair and just my size!And of course I bought something that I wanted for so time ago!I wanted to have in my closet a corset and I found on Jennyfer!It's absolutely gorgeous!I cant wait to wear it!In my mothers closet I found a withe shirt and a red jacket! From the beginning I wanted to combine the corset with the shorts, but then I change my minds! I was thinking ,if I will combine the shorts with a withe vintage shirt it will be more feminine and classic,and then I added my clogs and a red touch,which is the red Jacket and red lips! I think I did a great job with Outfit,I really cant wait to wear this outfit on the streets,and I hope you will like it!If you have an tumblr account,you definitely need to follow me there :D(I'm kidding).I just want to say cause I have an tumblr site for so long time ago ,and I just add there picture's that Inspire me(fashion,life,design,dog's,Christmas,Gossip Girl,etc.) so if you like the photo's,please follow me!I think that's all for today! Have a nice Holidays!

Merry Christmas to all !

I want to wish you a merry Christmas.I want to thank you for follow me and visit my blog!That's means a lot for me!I want to tell you cause you are AMAZING!I want to share with you my favorite Christmas songs!

♥ ♥ A big thank you to ♥ ♥

Hello to all my wonderful friend's,followers and visitor's ! It started a new week of full of  the happiness,peace and love.For me this week has started well and with happiness. I hope that other days will be so,so,so happy as today!You want to now why I am so so so so happy?Well..let me tell you how started a new day!So I wake up on 7:00 ,and I wash my face,I got dressed and then quickly go to school. . . Morning was very cold but warmed onwards and all snow has melted everything turning into water. . . Passing the seven lessons, and I got a sound from my mother!What she told me clearly that my envelope arrived in the mail!YaY !I will tell you what I got, but first I want to say that by Christmas, all the pictures on the blog will be in Christmas style, and I hope you enjoy!So a few weeks ago I participated in a competition (the author of the contest was from WEINSPIREUS,an amazing fashion blogger) .So after finishing this contest, I visited her blog, and I saw: "I win". I'm so happy!The set is gorgeous!Camila, Thank you so much(again) :D ♥ ♥♥ ♥♥ ♥♥ ♥!Hope you like the pictures! P.S Can't wait Christmas ♥ ♥

♥Christmas ♥

Hello my lovely friend's!Sorry for my absence.I was busy with the school.For begin ,I would like to thank all those who visit my blog and follow me, and post comments and read my blog!You are such a sweet persons and thank you all!So this post is dedicated to the big celebration will come soon! Christmas!I'm really obsessed with all the Christmas decorations,trees,Christmas spirit and the snow!Right now it's snowing and it's so beautiful!It seems like I'm in heaven, so much withe .. so much snow! I hope that it will keep longer!Now on TV is distributed more commercial with Santa Claus,and make me love more Christmas!I just love December!Who does not love December?I wanted to decorate the tree today, but unfortunately it has not received! Possibly tomorrow!I'm so happy,I just can't wait !I decided to make a little drawing (on my computer). I do not know if I can say drawing, but it's Christmas style. I love it!I hope you enjoy my blog and keep in the spirit of Christmas!I will put the picture up so that everyone can see!Hope you have a happy Christmas with you're family !

P.S What you'll do for Christmas this year?