The holidays ended

Day before yesterday I was out with my family!You will see in the pictures how beautiful is our city!Full of lights in the Christmas spirit. I'm so sad because the vacation ended,and tomorrow is a new day,a school day!Beah....
This semester will be busy for me. This year I have to give my best to finish well, and pass exams, and going to college!I think I will not post as much as I did before, but after all the nightmare is over, I will be in force and will continue to post!Now  enjoy the pictures !


  1. The holidays are over for me, too. I'm going back to work tomorrow and I don't really want to! :(


  2. you're a very very nice girl!! i love your blog, and i follow you! if you want...


  3. nice pictures...what city do you live in?

    check me out if you like music.


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