I missed you all!

I'm a thousand excuses for my long absence! I missed you all!I want to thank you so much for visiting my blog,for follow my blog and everything .You are amazing!I have not posted for a long time and sorry for this!But I was very busy with school and homework, exam preparation, and all that stuff.But today I promise I'll post  more and more.I'll keep you with more interesting news(things)!I didn't take picture's with my outfit's this moths because I was wearing just jeans ,and I was thinking that this kind of outfit's are not interesting for you .
But now I just want to show you my ....new babies! My new pair of shoes...that are official in my closet ,he he .I cant wait to wear them on the streets.But they are so beautiful and comfortable !Really I always have compliments when I'm wearing shoes.... I think they are the perfect accessory ,and I think shoes represents the person who are wearing them .Hope this post will give you smile on your face ,he he ,I mean "hope you like it " ,he he. With big Love ,Vlada =* 

P.S what do you think ,should I need to change the theme of the blog ,or not?!I really need to know,because all what I do is for you! Thank you for your opinions. 

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Thank`s for stopping by and for your comments,I love them all! I`ll promise to visit you as soon as I can =*