Funny me

Hi everyone!i'm sorry for not posting for a few days,i'm very preocupated about my exams.i hope everything will be okay!i think i will start to post the outfits in the summer,'cuz then i'll have enough time to deal with the blog!i look forward for the summer and the big vacantion!don't think that i wouldn't post until summer,on the contrary,i will post everything that is refering to music and other things.OK....for those who have the exams this year,i wish them good luck!

Tnx Niko pentru traducere <3 Love you <3

My favourite music right now is :

AH love this ~~~~~ <33333


  1. Love the headband! Too cute!

    Come visit me some time :)

    1. Actualy this is a scarf,but I'm using it as a headband.Thank you anyway!


Thank`s for stopping by and for your comments,I love them all! I`ll promise to visit you as soon as I can =*