Street Style : Faux Fur


The cold weather came ,and I decided to do a small tribute to one of my favorite clothes this season.Faux-Fur.Faux Fur is everywhere and is worn by all!You will find it in any kind of shapes,colors and models.It is adored by bloggers,celebrities and by runway's.
And you? Do you love the Faux Fur,or do you have one(or many)in your` closet?I would like to see how you style it.I have an idea.You will send to me a picture of your look',where you are wearing a faux-fur,it's doesn`t mather what kind of faux fur (Jackets,coats,scarfs,shoes or hats),and send to me on my email ,and I will post them here on my blog!What do you think?Let me know what do you think about "Faux Fur" trend,and about my idea?Thank to all for the visits!


Thank`s for stopping by and for your comments,I love them all! I`ll promise to visit you as soon as I can =*