Happy Birthday Vlada!

So Many of you don't now...cause tomorrow it's my birthday ....I would love to get  comments wishing you to me happy birthday,or some picture's like that My friend Dorina Bucatari did for me .This is so nice .So if you want to send me pictures like this or just Happy Birthday send me on my email  : cotorobaivlada@yahoo.com (that will be nice of you). 

Here comes the snow

  Just some photo's that my mom take them for me :) thanks mom! Hope you like them.I now this is  a short post but the biggest one you will see tomorrow! 

Say Hello to my new babies!

Hello all my dear readers! Sorry for my absence ,but I'm very busy with school,and all this stuff!Yesterday I received my order!I'm so happy and I am satisfied with the choice that I made it!Sorry cause I  not respond to your comments,but I will soon!Now I let the pictures!Enjoy!Waiting for your comments!

The holidays ended

Day before yesterday I was out with my family!You will see in the pictures how beautiful is our city!Full of lights in the Christmas spirit. I'm so sad because the vacation ended,and tomorrow is a new day,a school day!Beah....
This semester will be busy for me. This year I have to give my best to finish well, and pass exams, and going to college!I think I will not post as much as I did before, but after all the nightmare is over, I will be in force and will continue to post!Now  enjoy the pictures !

!!! It's Sales time !!! -boots under £ 100

!!! It's Sales time !!!
Now it's time to pull out all the money in his piggy bank and spent the winter discounts! I think any fashionista and every Shopaholic now spends his time at malls ,or shopping online ! I was thinking today to write about the great discounts that we see everywhere now. And I did a round at Asos.com . What I think about Asos. com? I think is a good online store, for example I find more interesting and original things that I like a lot ! So I'll post the first part about the shoes! I think any fashionista loves shoes! I found wonderful boots and under £ 100. Hope you like the choice I made it! I chose the colors that always the people  wears:black and brown. I chose with high heels, and I think are gorgeous!!

Successful shopping!

A perfect day in the snow

Today was a perfect day to take some pictures in the snow. I felt like a little kid who enjoys snow. I liked a lot!As you can see I chose a simple outfit, my pants and a sweater from the Jennyfer. It's very comfortable and very warm.I hope to snow tonight!Now I leave you with pictures that my dad made them. Personally I love them!Enjoy the holidays! 

Topshop Spring Summer 2011 Lookbook

 With flowing hemlines, bountiful layers and bohemian inspired prints, Topshop’s Spring/Summer 2011 lookbook is sharp, modern and clearly catwalk inspired. Taking their que from designs by the likes of Proenza Schouler and Rodarte, the designs are split in to two halves: bright, hippy inspired pieces and sleek, crisp minimalism. The colourful outfits contain multiple layers, embroidery and girlish florals all pepped up in lavender shades and bright Summery oranges and pink.

Here we are..in 2011

Hi everyone!How you spend New Year's Eve?I ate a lot and I had fun with my family. Now recently we finished to eat, and my belly is full, even beyond measure!I think we all are in the same situation like I am.I really need to stay on a diet :D . I do not remember if I told you, but I will tell you again .So to us in Moldova (do not know if at all in the family it's like in mine, but to my family it's a tradition),whole family gets on the evening of New Year gifts. My sister was very happy when he saw the presents under the tree.We celebrated New Year at home, because I think the best place to celebrate with your family is at home!Where I have celebrated ?I personally like December because it's glamorous, and feel the spirits in the air of the winter holidays!Now I leave you with pictures that I  made them .I hope you enjoy.Have some nice holiday, and full of happiness and joy!