Valentine's Day

Heart Umbrella (Red)

Well ...I decide to create an outfit for Valentine' Day -which is an amazing day...( not with my clothes...but with the fashiolista items).As I said in the previous post I don't have time to make photos ...and sorry for this ^_^ .Well I chose something cute and the colors are withe and red... the colors of love ...I hope you like it ^_^ ...

Please vote me !

Hello to all! I just finish to eat something...and now I'm writing this.OK......I want to ask you to vote for me on a site.Those who do not understand romanian. . just click on the Voteazama .I will appreciate all the votes!I'll post picture below for to know who you voted. . Click  HERE  

 Tnx you once again!

Sorry for my absence

   Hello to all!I'm sorry for my absence.I'm so busy with the school stuffs...and I don't have time to take some pictures with my outfit.In this school days I'm wearing just a black pair of pants and my UGG's or my school uniform...I miss summer a lot!I just cant wait to wear my boots,and flats :) Please Summer Come Back!I have some pictures that I found them in my computer ...just want to show you .Enjoy!See you later.