Today I need your opinions

Hi everyone!Today I need your opinions.I decided to get a new look.To choose exactly what to do with my hair,I spend all night on web in search for something that I would like.I was thinking about something short and stylish.What do you think?Below are some haircuts that I like.What should I choose?Though I still would remain at the Abey Lee idea.It's stylish and I really like it.

Funny me

Hi everyone!i'm sorry for not posting for a few days,i'm very preocupated about my exams.i hope everything will be okay!i think i will start to post the outfits in the summer,'cuz then i'll have enough time to deal with the blog!i look forward for the summer and the big vacantion!don't think that i wouldn't post until summer,on the contrary,i will post everything that is refering to music and other things.OK....for those who have the exams this year,i wish them good luck!