Happy Valentine`s Day to all

Here in Chisinau,it's snowing every day,and it`s impossible to take some pictures of my outfit .The only outfit that I`m wearing is a pair of jeans and a chunky sweater to survive the cold.I`m so sorry,I am a bad blogger and I know it.Today I decided to give you some outfit ideas/inspirations to create your` own Valentine`s Day look.As  you can see,I didn't chose jeans or shorts,I opted for dresses,red skirts and nude shirts.Also I chose some chic/perfect accessories that will highlight you and of course you will feel great in them .I think you should be more feminine and more elegant in this day just to impress your` boyfriend and the people all around.
Well,hope you like my choices and I wish you a Happy Valentine`s Day to all.

 With Love,Vlada.


  1. I want all 3 bags!
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  2. I love every look, but I think I prefer the first :)

  3. i love those sunglasses in the first set!



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