Happy Birthday Iustina!

Today is the sissy`s birthday.She turns 7 years old and I wish to her all the best in this world.I hope all her wishes will come true someday (cause at her age,believe me she has a lot of wishes). Happy Birthday Iustina,I love you!

Astazi este ziua de nastere a Iustinei-surioarei mele.Ea implineste 7 anisori si îi urez toate cele bune în continuare.Sper că toate dorințele ei vor deveni realitate (pentru că la vîrsta ei,credeți-mă are o mulțime de dorințe)

here she had 9-10 moths
here my little princess was 4 years old
my stylish sister had 5 years old

here she had 6 years old,and as you can see I love her so much!

here she had "Goodbay dear kindergarten' and she had 6 years old

this picture was taken on this summer,when we had a walk with our doggy,also she had 6 years old

 love Mc Donalds

 and shopping of course

 And here,is her first day of school and as you can see she is so happy!

her school outfit/uniform 

and here is at her school!

Once again Happy Birthday sweetie!

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