Today`s song


I have been listening this song all day,and cant stop doing this.Enjoy,hope you like it.

Zara 2012 March LookBook

Let me introduce you the Zara 2012 March LookBook.As you can see,the pastels,light pink/nude shirts,the black colour and of course the withe colour are IN this spring.My favorites are the "moned print" shirt,the pastels items like blazer,coat and even pants are one of my favorites this season.You can buy them at ,so have a good shopping and let me know Your favorites ?!?
With Love,Vlada.

Marni for H&M lookbook

Probably many of you already know about this collaboration and probably many of you already have added to their wish list some items from this collection.Maybe some of you already seen the lookbook,but if you didn't, you have the chance to see it here.Enjoy and then tell me what`s your favorite items ?


My fav song at the moment : The Script - For the first time

A long time ago,I posted about my favorite music,or my favorite song at the moment.I think I will be doing this more often.It's great to sharing your favorites,it doesn't matter it is shoes,dresses,little things or even music.I love music,and I`m listening it all the time,wherever I am :at school,walking on the streets, just everywhere!!!So I decided to post today my favorite song at the moment ,which is The Script - For the first time.I heard this song on Gossip Girl,but then I found it on another site and I just Love it.Cant stop listening over and over again.Hope you will like it too,or maybe you already love it.Let me know about this,or let me know about your favorite songs?!!?
With Love,Vlada

Happy Valentine`s Day to all

Here in Chisinau,it's snowing every day,and it`s impossible to take some pictures of my outfit .The only outfit that I`m wearing is a pair of jeans and a chunky sweater to survive the cold.I`m so sorry,I am a bad blogger and I know it.Today I decided to give you some outfit ideas/inspirations to create your` own Valentine`s Day look.As  you can see,I didn't chose jeans or shorts,I opted for dresses,red skirts and nude shirts.Also I chose some chic/perfect accessories that will highlight you and of course you will feel great in them .I think you should be more feminine and more elegant in this day just to impress your` boyfriend and the people all around.
Well,hope you like my choices and I wish you a Happy Valentine`s Day to all.

 With Love,Vlada.

Vlada`s World on

Some day`s ago I discovered a new web-site called "viraltrend".For the first time I thought it's like another  "Fashiolista" site,and I think it's kinda like this.You can go and create your account and add some items that you like,or you wish,or even add as a inspiration. Well,I create my own account,and I added some items in my wish list.Hope you will do the same and you will like it.
If you want you can follow me here on Viraltrend!

Also find me on fashiolista Here  and if you want it follow me.

Current Obsession: Queen necklace♥

Well,in today`s post I wanted to show you one of my current obsession.It`s a gift that I received from my friend,Cristina and I love it.It's a long necklace with a "queen" pendant and I adore it.She made a good choice to make this sweet surprise for me.Thank you a lot ! Hope you will enjoy the post ,and take care of yourself !
With Love,Vlada.

My Birthday gifts


*the magazines are not the present*
Thanks a lot for all the wishes ,you guys are the best!
Well,here it is,finally I have my own kindle,and I`m really exited!
Thank`s mom and dad!

Missed ones

 Here are just 4 photos ,but I love them a lot!
Enjoy the post babes!