Sporty Leather

Photos thanks to Stefan Hertz 

Here they are,the pictures from Tuesday.As you can see I'm wearing a relaxed outfit,a white shirt and my beloved leather shorts.As for the shoes,from the beginning I didn't decide what to wear,but in the end I put my sneakers on.I kinda like the result ,but you guys?What do you think about it?

Acestea sunt pozele de marți.Am optat pentru o ținută confortabilă compusă dintr-o cămașă care apropo e preferata mea la moment și șorții din piele de la Jennyfer.De la început nu știam ce să încalț,așa că într-un final am decis să îmi i-au adidașii.Mie îmi place,dar vouă? 

Jennyfer leather shorts
Local Store shirt
Adidas Sneakers


  1. 14, 2013 at 3:30 PM

    simply look and very glam
    nice to meet you
    i'm angela
    and my blog

  2. Foarte frumos, Vladutza❤

    Happy Tuesday ^__^


  3. You greet look :)

  4. I like the outfit, babe, especially the shorts. And the combination with sneakers gives it a relaxed feel, very cool.;)

  5. I love that you are pairing sneakers and leather shorts - very attractive!


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