Been absent

Deci dupa cum spune titlul postarii,am fost absenta mult timp.Cauza? Pai Stefan e plecat si nu am mai facut poze de atunci.In curind se intoarce si o sa reluam noi obiceiul nostru iubit.Insa pina atunci,va las aici niste poze recente capturate cu telefonul mobil.Sper sa aveti o zi frumoasa !

Been absent for a long time,I know and I'm so sorry! Stefan is out of town and I cant wait for him to snap some photos.Hope he's back soon.Till then,here are some photos shot with the phone.Have an amazing week,loves!

Pajama party with friends 
Smile and your world gets better !
Being natural 
Pajama party part 2
Here goes the third part,and I'm not drunk,I'm just having fun 
The books I'm reading right now,the first one is done,time for the second!

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